National Floriculture Forum a big success!

This year’s National Floriculture Forum was held in Dallas, TX on March 10-11 and drew 46 participants from across academia and industry. Texas A&M University served as the host university this year. In addition to the tours, networking, and strategic planning that occurred, there were research presentations on the afternoon of the first day that highlighted various partnerships, alliances, brands, and initiatives that are being utilized by universities and industry firms across the country in order to compete successfully in the current hypercompetitive and budget-cutting environment.

A debriefing website has been developed (click here) which contains a history of the NFF, the proceedings from the papers presented, a roster of participants in this year’s meeting, as well as a listing of all sponsors this year. BTW, a special thanks to all of our sponsors — without your assistance this year, the National Floriculture Forum would have not been possible!

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