The future of learning

Every so often I come across something that stops me dead in my tracks; something so fascinating that I simply have to stop what I am working on [regardless of how important it is] and take an excursion that, in the end, proves to be paradigm-changing. This happened today.

A friend of mine referred me to a site that has a good video explanation of enterprise value and EBITDA. It wasn’t necessarily the content (though it was exceptional). It was the manner in which the information was being presented. I witnessed firsthand the future of learning.

Ever wished you could take a self-paced course or simply learn more about topics such as banking and money, the credit crisis, currency, current economics, finance, the Paulson bailout, valuation and investing, venture capital and capital markets? Now you can. Or, if you just wanted to brush up on your statistics, chemistry, algebra, biology, etc.? Now you can.

As an educator, my paradigm has been rocked. I now declare myself officially challenged to think even further outside the box. Stand back, this could be dangerous!

Want to see what I’m talking about…go to and explore. Watch the TED Conference video (BTW, you should subscribe to the weekly TED conference presentations). Choose one of the 2,100 educational videos in the library and see for yourself. See the future of learning for yourself.

Hat tip to Rick Brown for the link (thanks buddy).

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