2 Responses to The Promise and Problems of Pricing Carbon

  1. Charlie says:

    Too funny Joe. I heard a similar comment from another reader. This was my response to him: In the short run, not much is going to happen that will force any sort of reaction on the part of growers. But the trading of carbon has interesting dimensions for our industry. We sell carbon sequestering / oxygen producing “machines” that large corporations will need to offset their positive carbon emissions. We should be armed with the research data that validates just how much benefit we provide. That’s why I’ve been talking about our need to document the green industry’s carbon (and water) footprint. To me, that will be our opportunity if such a market-based carbon policies are enacted. Markets tend to operate efficiently. Market-depressing regulatory action does not foster economic development; it hinders it. Let the markets do their thing — that should be our mantra.

  2. Joe Boarini says:

    Reading this paper is another reason why I am glad my oldest daughter chose not to attend Harvard.

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