2011 National Floriculture Forum

The National Floriculture Forum (NFF) is an educational meeting of university professors, graduate students, government scientists, and industry leaders in floriculture that has been held annually for over a decade.  This meeting brings together the floricultural community to: (1) address issues of importance to the floriculture industry, (2) form collaborative relationships, and (3) learn more about the floriculture industry and from each other.  This meeting is the only one of its kind and continues to bring more members of the floriculture community together each year (click here for an NFF history).  The importance of the NFF has increased recently as the number of horticulture departments and associated funding levels have decreased.

Texas A&M University is hosting the next NFF on March 10-11, 2011 in Dallas, Texas at the Omni Dallas Park West hotel (click here for hotel information). This will provide exposure to a wide range of floriculture crops, production facilities, and climates in the Southwestern region of the U.S.  The impacts of the meeting are far-reaching:  influencing undergraduate and graduate programs at participating universities, strengthening relationships between industry and academia, and bolstering the identity of floriculture (click here for a list of this year’s participants).

As part of this year’s National Floriculture Forum, 3 hours on the afternoon of March 10 have been set aside for faculty, graduate students, and industry representatives to present findings of a research project they would like to showcase (click here for the online proceedings). The theme for the 2011 NFF is Partnerships, Alliances, Brands, and Initiatives and papers will be presented that pertain directly to one or more of these topical areas or are the result of such collaborative efforts. Each presentation will be summarized in a 4-page paper and included in the online proceedings after the meeting.























Thursday Afternoon Presentations (15 minutes each)
Click here for the online proceedings.

Number Title Authors
1 Maximizing industry benefit through cooperation between federal, state and private-sector floricultural research efforts James Locke and Jonathan Frantz
2 The AG*IDEA alliance and horticulture graduate certificate programs Ellen Paparozzi, Kim Williams, Robert Geneve, Harlene Hatterman-Valenti, Helen Kraus, Cynthia McKenney and Joelle Pitts
3 Floriculture sustainability research coalition: bringing the latest sustainability research to the industry Stephanie Burnett, Neil Mattson, Brian Krug, and Roberto Lopez
4 Increasing the overwintering survival of container-grown perennials William K. Harris, Joyce G. Latimer, John Freeborn and Holly L. Scoggins
5 Partnership to Advance Knowledge of Plant Growth Regulation Mara Grossman
6 Water conservation in greenhouse industry through irrigating ornamental plants with alternative use sources Genhua Niu, Raul Cabrera, Terri Starman, and Charlie Hall
7 ACCEPtS-the alliance for cooperative course exchange in the plant sciences Michael Evans, Janet Cole, Richard Harkess and Jeff Kuehny
8 The Texas Superstar® Program – Success Through Partnership Brent Pemberton (chair; Tim Davis; Mike Arnold; Dan Lineberger; Cynthia McKenney Lubbock; Larry Stein; David Rodriguez; Marco Palma; Charles Hall; Richard de Los Santos
9 Using controlled release fertilizer in the greenhouse Fred Hulme, Scotts
10 Floriculture and Fundraising: A Public-Student Partnership for Learning Job Readiness in Floriculture. Sabine R Green and Dr. Geno A. Picchioni, New Mexico State University
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