Green Industry Research Consortium National Survey Database

Marketing and production-related data have been collected as part of the Green Industry Research Consortium (a multi-state research committee made up of horticulturists and agricultural economists from selected land-grant universities). Beginning with 1988, and then at five year intervals (1993, 1998, 2003, and 2008),  surveys of nursery and greenhouse growers have been used to collect information on selected production practices, sales by type of outlet, distribution of wholesale sales by state destination, advertising expenditures, and selling methods. The overall goal of these surveys was to obtain data to permit analyses designed to provide growers with insight to help them with production and marketing decisions. Also, this type of information is beneficial to other industry participants, such as Extension personnel, researchers, and input suppliers. This effort began because of the void of industry-wide data regarding detailed production and marketing practices.

Most recent surveys

Previous surveys

A special thanks to the Horticultural Research Institute for their sponsorship on every national survey project since 1993.

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