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Study Finds Flower Longevity Guarantee Plays Role in Purchasing Decisions

The American Floral Endowment (AFE) just released a comprehensive Public Benefits study on Longevity Guarantees for Flowers. This multi-part study examines several aspects of consumer preferences for longevity guarantees on flowers including: consumer willingness to pay for longevity guarantees, consumer preferences for longevity labels on cut flowers and consumer preferences for redeeming longevity guarantees. The study was conducted by Chengyan Yue, Ph.D., at the University of Minnesota, with support from Alicia Rihn, University of Minnesota, Bridget Behe, Ph.D., Michigan State University, and Charles Hall, Ph.D., Texas A&M University.Guarantees… Read More →

Guest Post: Viewpoint on availability and quality

I received this from an industry contact who preferred to remain anonymous, but agreed to let me share this on Making Cents. They make some excellent points regarding the availability turnaround that has occurred in the industry (from oversupply to shortages) and regarding plant quality. Over the last two plus years I have purchased from 65 nurseries and toured about 130 nurseries.  I talk with plant brokers, propagators, and other nurserymen about plant availability, quality, and pricing in the market.  I also attend several trade shows during the… Read More →

OFA workshop to address shrinkage

The OFA Short Course, Columbus Ohio Saturday, July 10th8 AM – 12 PM Crop Management Workshop: Keeping You & Your Customers Happy (4 hours) Charles Hall, Texas A&M University Michelle Jones, The Ohio State University, OARDC Claudio Pasian, The Ohio State University George Staby, Perishables Research Organization, Chain of Life Network Terri Starman, Texas A & M University Don’t keep throwing your money away.  Plant losses (or shrinkage) during production, shipping and retailing negatively impact your bottom line.  In this session, you will learn how to manage plant… Read More →

Bus trip to "Pack Trials" planned

The January 29 deadline to register for a Greenhouse Grower’s trip to this year’s California Spring Trials (this used to be called the Pack Trials) is fast approaching. An intense, educational and entertaining trip is planned to several of the key Spring Trial locations from April 10 -12, 2010. The trip is designed specifically for greenhouse growers and other floriculture professionals. The trip itinerary is jam-packed; the days begin early and continue at a fast pace late into the evening. Attendees should plan to arrive on Friday, April… Read More →

Spring Pack Trials Excursion for Greenhouse Growers

A bus trip for greenhouse growers is being planned to next year’s California Spring Pack Trials from April 9 -13, 2010. Dr. Mark Bridgen of Cornell University, along with Dr. Brian Krug of the University of New Hampshire, Dr. Roberto Lopez of Purdue University, and Dr. Neil Mattson of Cornell University, have organized an intense, educational trip to several of the key Spring Trial locations. The trip is designed specifically for greenhouse growers and other horticulture professionals. The trip itinerary is jam-packed; the days begin early and continue… Read More →

In like a lion, out like a lamb

My friend, Dean Chaloupka, offers the following commentary on the spring season: Talking with growers around the country, most did very well through the peak of the Spring 2009 season and have seen sales drop off during June. Depending on what part of the country you are in, this could be viewed as significant (North) or not (South). I won’t go into the economic factors which contibuted to the industry fairing well through most of the Spring but will touch on a couple which growers and retailers should… Read More →

Fertilizer Price Volatility

U.S. prices of fertilizer nutrients began to rise steadily in 2002 and increased sharply to historic highs in 2008 due to the combined effects of a number of domestic and global long- and short-run supply and demand factors. From 2007 to 2008, spring nitrogen prices increased by a third, phosphate prices nearly doubled, and potash prices doubled. The price spike in 2008 reflects low inventories at the beginning of 2008 combined with the inability of the U.S. fertilizer industry to quickly adjust to surging demand or sharp declines… Read More →

ANLA Management Clinic Blog

In order to stimulate interest in the 2009 ANLA Management Clinic, ANLA developed a one-day blog entitled Managing Through Tough Times. For one jam-packed day, industry leaders, including business owners, consultants, and editors, provided ideas for managing costs, driving sales, targeting new customers and motivating staff in the midst of strong economic concerns. Check out these thought-provoking (and action inducing) blog entries by clicking here.