Rotating Seats

  • Ken Altman (Center for Applied Horticultural Research)
  • Bill Foster (BioWorks, Inc.)
  • Martha Trubey (Berger Peat Moss) – Ex-Officio
  • Justin Marotta (Possum Run Greenhouse) – Ex-Officio
  • Jan Couch (Syngenta) – Ex-Officio
  • Wanda Weder (Highland Supply Corporation) – Ex-Officio

Ken Altman
(third term expires 2021)


Altman Plants
Center for Applied Horticultural Research

Owner/Founder of Altman Plants and Center for Applied Horticultural Research, Ken Altman began a plant collection in 1975 in his Los Angeles backyard. What started out as an innocent hobby, based on an avid interest in plants, slowly transformed itself into a wholesale nursery business encompassing over 880 acres in three states. The business began with a plant catalog of unusual succulents.  The retailers loved the unusual and varied plant material and so did their customers. Altman Plants became more and more important to these retailers because of their quality plants and innovative products.  Recently, Ken has founded The Center for Applied Horticultural Research (CfAHR), a non-profit organization with the purpose of addressing, through research, the practical issues the nursery and floriculture industry face.



Bill Foster

Bill Foster
(third term expires 2019)


BioWorks, Inc.

Bill Foster is President & CEO of BioWorks, Inc. BioWorks provides environmentally response, safe and cost-effective solutions to the horticulture industry. Education: B.S. Va Tech; M.S. Univ. of Florida. Experience: Superintendent, Ornamental Horticulture Research Station – Auburn University. Various Management, Marketing, and Research & Development positions with The Scotts Company and IMC Vigoro prior to joining BioWorks in 1998. Professional Organizations:  BPIA – BioPesticide Industry Alliance (founding member and former Chair Person); Member – OFA, SAF, America In Bloom.




Trubey, Martha

Martha Trubey
(three terms 2008-2017)


Berger Peat Moss

Enjoy working with Berger, St. Modeste, Quebec, Canada, since 1997 as a Technical Sales Representative in North Central Texas.  Advise commercial greenhouse growers in solving cultural problems while assisting with media, tissue, water and fertilizer analysis.  Serve as Member of TNLA Education Committee since 2010. Serve as a Sales Judge for Ag. Business class at Texas A&M University since 1989, and enjoy working as Horticulture Advisory Committee member as Skyline Eco-Tech Cluster, Dallas, TX, since 2008. HOBBIES: cycling, gardening, reading, hiking and playing the piano.  EDUCATION: B.S. in Horticultural Science, Minor in Business, December 1985, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.




Justin Marotta
(three terms 2008-2017)


Possum Run Greenhouse

Founder of the Possum Run Greenhouse, a 100,000-square-foot growing and retail space in Bellville, Ohio, grew up in a greenhouse family. In fact, after World War II, his grandfather’s operation northeast of Cleveland supported three families—his granddad’s, his dad’s and his uncle’s. “I was the first one in my family to go to college, and I had no intention of working in the greenhouse industry,” Marotta asserts. After graduating with a degree in business administration from Ashland (Ohio) College in 1972, Marotta went to work as a personnel director for a large retailer. “But subconsciously, I found myself being drawn back into a business I could control myself,” he says. “So, in 1974, I returned to the only industry I knew. I bought a dilapidated building with a small greenhouse in Bellville, and Possum Run was born.” Though the business started out serving only other growers, today Possum Run generates a balance of wholesale and retail sales, and has 24 employees, about 800 wholesale clients and anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 regular retail customers. Marotta attributes his long-term success to the brand Possum Run has built in the community. He notes that the company always seeks the latest and greatest in the marketplace for its customers, and that he and his wife, Lynn, who introduced the retail side of the business, grew the company based on consumer demand.




Jan Couch
(three terms 2007-2016)



Graduate of Texas A&M University in Horticulture.Graduated Summa cum Laude Winner of student paper based on research project “Rapid Graft Propagation of American Hybrid Grapes” at ASHS Southern Region Conference. Began work as an agricultural sales rep for Stauffer Chemical Company. In the field of Horticulture have worked with Smither’s Oasis, Scotts, Uniroyal/Chemtura. Work with Syngenta customers as Ornamental Sales Specialist for 8 states. Extensive experience advising greenhouse and nursery growers on the use of plant growth regulators and crop protection products in the South. Past State Chair of the Education Committee of The Texas Nursery and Landscape Assn and current Education Committee member, former TNLA regional officer and board member, Steering Committee member for Southwest Growers Conference. Member and committee chair person with the Native Plant Society of Texas Boerne Chapter, mentor with Maples for Boerne project and active in Cibolo Nature Center. Hobbies—Wildlife and vegetable gardening, cooking, pets.



HIghland Supply

Wanda Weder
(three terms 2007-2016)


Highland Supply Corporation

Owner, Highland Supply Corporation. Highland Supply Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of floral packaging solutions. Founded in 1937, HSC has been an innovative force in floral packaging for nearly seven decades. Our founder, Erwin Weder, introduced decorative foil to florists in the early years – demonstrating that decorated potted plants sold more quickly and for a higher price than plain items. That watershed moment was the beginning of a legacy filled with innovation: Beauty Corsage Bags, Plastifoil® florists foil, Clearphane® film, Speed Covers®, Speed Sheets®, SizzlePak® shred and many more. Today, that spirit of innovation continues with Monza* & Tessera* plant wrapping sheets and rolls, Gossamer Cloth® and Flora Fuente® flexible vases. Developing packaging solutions to enhance and upgrade your potted plants and flowers is what Highland Supply does best. We’ve been helping our customers succeed since 1937.








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