Introductory Employee Training Program for Greenhouse Crop Production

poinsettia personThis 1-hour self-directed training video has been designed for those who have never had any greenhouse experience to provide a brief overview of very basic information about growing plants, integrated pest management, shipping and handling, and safety procedures. This training module is perfect for those who have never stepped into a greenhouse before! (Note: It is not designed for experienced growers.)

It is available in both English and Spanish and is divided into 5 modules:

  1. Introduction and Industry Overview — this  module provides a general description of the greenhouse industry;
  2. Greenhouse Basics — there are two sections that follow the production of a greenhouse crop from beginning to end;
  3. Insects and Diseases — this module introduces some of the most common pests on greenhouse crops;
  4. Finished Crops — this module covers basic shipping and handling procedures; and
  5. Safety in the Greenhouse — this module provides some important tips on how to stay safe on the job.

Each module in the course includes several quiz questions to challenge your knowledge along the way.  A transcript of the training materials is available for download. The total amount of time to complete the training is 1 hour.  We hope this educational program becomes an integral part of your training program for new employees.

Please visit Texas AgriLife Extension Conference Services ( to register for this training program. Your enrollment key is valid for 90 days. After time expires, your will have to re-register.

Once you have registered for the training program, Texas AgriLife Extension Conference Services will email you a confirmation of your registration, a receipt, and the course enrollment key. The proceed to (Extension Online Campus) which is the site that the training program will be delivered through. Follow the instructions to create a new user account at this site and then you will be asked for your enrollment key before you can access the program.

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