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A Keynesian Christmas

A little economic humor for the holidays…

$5 Gas Not Likely, Says Texas A&M Expert

Having to dig deeper to fill up the gas tank? You are not alone as gas prices have steadily risen in the past few weeks, but the possibility of gas hitting $5 a gallon by summer as many analysts are predicting is very unlikely, says a Texas A&M University economist who has studied oil prices for decades. John Moroney, professor of economics and an oil analyst for more than 30 years, says the possibility of gas reaching $4 a gallon from its current national average of around $3.45… Read More →

3 misconceptions that need to die

HT to Sid Raisch for this link — http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2011/10/25/3-misconceptions-that-need-to-die.aspx, Morgan Housel, October 25, 2011 At a conference in Philadelphia earlier this month, a Wharton professor noted that one of the country’s biggest economic problems is a tsunami of misinformation. You can’t have a rational debate when facts are so easily supplanted by overreaching statements, broad generalizations, and misconceptions. And if you can’t have a rational debate, how does anything important get done? As author William Feather once advised, “Beware of the person who can’t be bothered by details.” There seems… Read More →

NASS to Reinstate Several Agricultural Estimates Programs

Issued December 9, 2011 by the Agricultural Statistics Board of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). NASS leadership recently concluded a deliberate review of all programs against mission- and user-based criteria, aimed at finding cost savings and forward-thinking business efficiencies so that timely, accurate and useful data remains available in service to agriculture. In 2011, NASS made several enhancements within its programs and operations to deliver improved results for the American people, including opening a new national operations center in St. Louis that will… Read More →

Well crap, here they go again…

Sorry for the technical jargon in the title, but that just about sums up my feelings on USDA’s latest announcement of their intentions to no longer produce the annual floriculture crops report. After USDA-ERS dropping their situation and outlook reporting several years back and USDA-NASS cutting the nursery crops report to a overy-thrid-year cycle (but not having delivered on even that since 2005), now NASS decides to drop the only green industry report we have left?  C’mon Man! (to use the Monday Night Football slogan for dumb plays). Yes,… Read More →

New economic impact data for the green industry available

Total economic contributions for the United States Green Industry in 2007, including regional economic multiplier effects, were estimated at $175.26 Billion in output (revenue), employment of 1.95 Million full-time and part-time jobs, labor earnings of $53.16 Billion, and $107.16 Billion in value added. Total value added impacts represented 0.76 percent of U.S. Gross Domestic Product in 2007. The present study updates previous research that evaluated economic impacts of the Green Industry in the United States for 2002 (Hall, Hodges and Haydu, 2005, 2006). National estimates of economic impacts… Read More →

2010 Wholesale Value of Floriculture Crops Increased 3 Percent

The 2010 wholesale value of floriculture crops is up 3 percent from the revised 2009 valuation. The total crop value at wholesale for the 15-State program for all growers with $10,000 or more in sales is estimated at $4.13 billion for 2010, compared with $4.00 billion for 2009. California continues to be the leading State with crops valued at $1.01 billion, up 8 percent from the 2009 value. Florida, the next largest producer is down 1 percent from the prior year to $810 million in wholesale value. These… Read More →

Setting the stage for growth in 2011

The latest from Robert Barr in this week’s SAF Trend Tracker: The nature of this recession – caused by a financial panic – means that the recovery is not playing by the customary script this time.  Housing, for example, usually leads the economy out of a recession, as low interest rates spur new residential construction and home sales.  But the number of troubled properties on the market remains high, even though much of the excess supply is concentrated in just a few markets.  In terms of being a… Read More →

Is the U.S. facing an inevitable tax crisis?

Is shifting demography moving the United States closer and closer to a state, federal and municipal tax crisis? The Bureau of Labor Statistics makes it clear that the heavy lifting in both personal earnings and consumption in the United States peaks in a bell shaped curve right at about age fifty. That is when our consumer spending and earnings are at their height. It would follow then that the Internal Revenue Service would depend heavily on folks forty to sixty years old.  You might even narrow it down… Read More →

Latest USDA-NASS Floriculture Crops report released

Highlights from the latest Floriculture Crops report: The 2008 wholesale value of floriculture crops is down 2 percent from the revised 2007 valuation. The total crop value at wholesale for the 15-State program for all growers with $10,000 or more in sales is estimated at $4.22 billion for 2008, compared with $4.32 billion for 2007. California continues to be the leading State with crops valued at $1.02 billion, but is down 2 percent from the 2007 value. Florida, the next largest producer, is down 5 percent from the… Read More →