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Last chance to complete water-related survey for nursery and greenhouse growers

The University of Maryland is involved (along with several land-grant university partners) in a USDA-funded project to determine how new sensor-based irrigation networks can benefit the ornamental plant production industry.  We would like your help to better understand current practices in the industry, and have developed a survey that asks questions about water, nutrient, and runoff practices in the industry, and about how the industry can take advantage of recent and anticipated advances in sensor-based irrigation networks. The goal of this research is to use your answers, along with… Read More →

3 misconceptions that need to die

HT to Sid Raisch for this link — http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2011/10/25/3-misconceptions-that-need-to-die.aspx, Morgan Housel, October 25, 2011 At a conference in Philadelphia earlier this month, a Wharton professor noted that one of the country’s biggest economic problems is a tsunami of misinformation. You can’t have a rational debate when facts are so easily supplanted by overreaching statements, broad generalizations, and misconceptions. And if you can’t have a rational debate, how does anything important get done? As author William Feather once advised, “Beware of the person who can’t be bothered by details.” There seems… Read More →

Consumer Spending: Lesson from the Telecom Industry – Forbes

Consumer Spending: Lesson from the Telecom Industry – Forbes. Good article from Bill Conerly about the composition of consumer spending. Take-home point: Know thy value proposition! (Reading time – 68 seconds)

Century Oak Given “Famous Tree of Texas” Designation

Century Oak Given “Famous Tree of Texas” Designation By Texas Forest Service | TAMUtimes. We Texans like our trees. Perhaps of their scarcity in some regions of the state. Perhaps of the deep history they represent. Of course, some trees are ultra-special. Enjoy this story of a simple, but grand tree that has had a lasting impact of countless lives.

The Earth at Population 7 Billion

The United Nations Population Fund estimates that the world’s 7 billionth person was born Oct. 31. Understanding demography is a core part of STRATFOR’s work, as it colors a great many factors, from whether a state can balance its budget to whether a state will be capable of defending itself. Conventional wisdom tells us that the increase in population is putting pressure on the global ecosystem and threatening the balance of power in the world. As the story goes, the poorer states are breeding so rapidly that within… Read More →

The State of Horticulture Programs

This recent post from Lawn & Landscape News provides an excellent overview of the state of university horticulture programs across the country. Well worth the read. **************************************************************************** Earlier this year, Newsweek listed the Top 20 most useless degrees. And sitting close to the top at No. 2 was horticulture. (Don’t feel bad, journalism was No. 1.)The ranking was based on data that included the industry’s median starting salary ($35,000), median mid-career salary ($50,800) and percentage change in the number of jobs from 2008-2018 (-1.74). And the ranking reiterated many of… Read More →

If You Keep Digging You’ll Come Up in China

During the first week of August, a group of green industry folks (including myself) attended and presented at the Dalian International Horticulture Forum. Two of my colleagues have provided excellent commentary regarding our excursion so I am including links to their comments below: Chris Beytes – GrowerTalks e- newsletter Dr. Marvin Miller – America in Bloom newsletter column Enjoy!

Demography is Destiny

BNH spoke to Ken Gronbach, author of The Age Curve: How To Profit from the Coming Demographic Storm (AMACOM, 2008) and Common Census: The Counter-Intuitive Guide to Generational Marketing (Ford Odell Group, 2005). Gronbach, who ran an ad shop, KGA Advertising, in Middletown for years, sees in demographic trends reasons to espouse what most would describe as a contrarian view on America’s and China’s economic futures. Gronbach says demographics are destiny and marketers and public decision makers disregard them at their peril. BNH Publisher Mitchell Young interviewed Gronbach…. Read More →

The future of learning

Every so often I come across something that stops me dead in my tracks; something so fascinating that I simply have to stop what I am working on [regardless of how important it is] and take an excursion that, in the end, proves to be paradigm-changing. This happened today. A friend of mine referred me to a site that has a good video explanation of enterprise value and EBITDA. It wasn’t necessarily the content (though it was exceptional). It was the manner in which the information was being… Read More →

National Floriculture Forum a big success!

This year’s National Floriculture Forum was held in Dallas, TX on March 10-11 and drew 46 participants from across academia and industry. Texas A&M University served as the host university this year. In addition to the tours, networking, and strategic planning that occurred, there were research presentations on the afternoon of the first day that highlighted various partnerships, alliances, brands, and initiatives that are being utilized by universities and industry firms across the country in order to compete successfully in the current hypercompetitive and budget-cutting environment. A debriefing… Read More →