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National Floriculture Forum a big success!

This year’s National Floriculture Forum was held in Dallas, TX on March 10-11 and drew 46 participants from across academia and industry. Texas A&M University served as the host university this year. In addition to the tours, networking, and strategic planning that occurred, there were research presentations on the afternoon of the first day that highlighted various partnerships, alliances, brands, and initiatives that are being utilized by universities and industry firms across the country in order to compete successfully in the current hypercompetitive and budget-cutting environment. A debriefing… Read More →

"If you're not informed, it's your own fault."

ANLA and SAF have done a yeoman’s job of keeping green industry firms informed of what is happening in Washington in terms of the effects of mid-term elections and the critical regulatory and legislative issues facing nursery/floral businesses today. Be sure to check out the Washington Impact section (click here) of the ANLA Knowledge Center and the latest SAF analysis of the effects of mid-term elections on your business (click here). As the saying goes, what you don’t know, can hurt you.

Columbian Cut Flower Industry Loses Leader

Bogotá, March 23rd, 2010. Asocolflores, its Board of Directors, member companies and employees deeply mourn the passing of Ernesto Velez, who served as the president of Asocolflores’ Board of Directors for the past seven years. Ernesto was known not only for the invaluable support he gave to Colombian floriculture in the areas of social responsibility and implementing environmentally friendly practices, but also for his drive, his business vision and the strength to endure through the toughest of times. Ernesto Velez was also prominent for assuming the role of… Read More →

More info to factor into your voting decisions

The 2008 ANLA/Lighthouse Voter Guide is a non-partisan, informational guide that spells out the voting records for representatives and senators on green-industry issues, and a review of “industry champions.” The Lighthouse Program is the nursery and landscape industry’s national grassroots program. The program is a partnership between state and regional nursery/landscape associations and ANLA.

Who will economists vote for?

The title reflects a question that I have been asked several times by friends lately. I was surprised that anyone cared, but nonetheless, here is the answer — it depends. OK, I know what you’re thinking. That is the typical retort you might expect from an economist, but hear me out. Much ado has been made of various lists of economists supporting Obama (click here) and those supporting McCain (click here). But a recent survey (click here) of over 500 economists drawn from a subset of members of… Read More →

Ecomomic Rx for Business

“In good times, running a company is exhilarating. Money is flowing, customers are happy, employees have a spring in their step. In not-so-good times—like now—the very same job can feel like scaling Mt. Everest in a snowstorm while wearing a knapsack filled with bricks and suffering from a bad case of the flu.” In the latest Florists’ Review magazine, Quint Studor offers “Eleven Ways to Infuse Your Company with the Leadership Skills to Thrive in Tough Times” — a good read. For more, click here. Another good read… Read More →

Standards Committee deadline extended

Due to increased interest in the development of the Sustainable Agriculture Practice Draft American National Standard for Trial Use, the deadline has been extended for applications to participate on the Standards Committee and/or supporting subcommittees to May 23, 2008. This extension is being implemented based on numerous requests to allow time for additional stakeholders to submit their applications. To learn more, click here for the official deadline extension announcement and click here for the Leonardo Academy press release announcing the call for Standards Committee applicants. Why is it… Read More →

Spanish Immersion Study Program a Success!

On February 24 – March 1, 2008, Texas AgriLife Extension hosted a unique educational program for commercial nursery floral producers. The FLORI-Culture & Marketing Spanish Immersion Study Program combined language instruction with daily tours focusing on labor and marketing. The event, led by Dr. Don C. Wilkerson, was conducted in Cuernavaca, Mexico. This international program with an emphasis on marketing and labor is an excellent example of how TAMU-Horticulture is addressing key GREEN industry issues. I encourage you to read the summary of this innovative Extension educational activity… Read More →

Leading at a Higher Level

While “vacationing” this week [spring break], I happened across an article by Ken Blanchard in a periodical I had never heard of before called Success At Home, a magazine targeted at home-based businesses. In this article, Ken recounts leadership principles that I think are applicable to Green Industry firms that take a differentiation strategy serious. For example: When you are leading at a higher level, you have a both/and philosophy. The development of people is of equal importance to performance. As a result, the focus of leading at… Read More →