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Example of good marketing and entertaining as well!

Commissioned by the California Cut Flower Commission, J Schwanke and the JTV crew traveled all over California filming an exclusive documentary on the flower farms in the Golden State. Making his way across the mountains of Southern California – all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge, J toured some of the largest and most prestigious flower farms in California. His interviews with the owners/managers of each farm are fascinating, and the JTV crew did an excellent job filming the indescribable beauty of the thousands of acres of… Read More →

Spring Pack Trials Excursion for Greenhouse Growers

A bus trip for greenhouse growers is being planned to next year’s California Spring Pack Trials from April 9 -13, 2010. Dr. Mark Bridgen of Cornell University, along with Dr. Brian Krug of the University of New Hampshire, Dr. Roberto Lopez of Purdue University, and Dr. Neil Mattson of Cornell University, have organized an intense, educational trip to several of the key Spring Trial locations. The trip is designed specifically for greenhouse growers and other horticulture professionals. The trip itinerary is jam-packed; the days begin early and continue… Read More →

Trade shows are for building relationships

Given that we are embarking on the trade show season, I thought this would be a timely post. Last November, I was asked at a regional nursery meeting “Are trade shows still a viable marketing tool?” As a good economist, I answered the question “It depends.” If you are seeking to generate large amounts of sales leads from going to a trade show, then the answer is no. Let me explain. The nature of trade shows has changed dramatically over time. It used to be folks went to… Read More →

Effects of Flowering and Foliage Plants in Hospital Rooms

According to a new study recently published in HortTechnology, plants and flower in hospital rooms have definite healing benefits, especially for anyone recovering from surgery. Researchers studied ninety patients recovering from appendectomy, assigning them randomly to hospital rooms with or without plants. During recovery, the patients were able to see eight varieties of flowering plants or foliage. Scientists measured recovery times, heart rate, temperature and blood pressure, perceived level of pain, fatigue and anxiety levels. The results showed that plants and flowers facilitated recovery from abdominal surgery, as… Read More →

Promotional program impacts

Several in the Green Industry have postulated regarding the impacts of generic promotion programs and there are rumblings (at least there were before the economy slowed) of another industry-wide generic promotional program surfacing. It behooves us to consider all of the case study experiences before embarking on such a task. To that end, the most recent HortScience contained an article analyzing the effectiveness of Texas citrus promotions that also has some interesting insights for other commodity promotion programs. This study finds that Texas citrus promotion programs have effectively… Read More →